Sweet Little Pentagons How-To

Yesterday I had such fun. DH was at a tractor event so here I was all day with lots of time on my hands.  I could do whatever projects I wanted to and not even stop for lunch, or water aerobics, or anything I didn’t want to stop for.  It was fun.

I decided first on the agenda was the sweet little pentagon coasters/mug rugs I had seen earlier this week.  I was visiting around the Blog World the other night when I stopped to visit QuiltTales blog.  I check in there pretty regularly to see what cool projects she’s doing.   She was sharing a photo of these darling coasters from her friend Maritta and said there were instructions.  There are instructions, but they are in Finnish. I decided I could do an English version for my friends, with credit to Maritta.

"Down by the Sea" coasters

I looked at the step by step photographs and felt sure I could make them, even if I couldn’t read Maritta’s blog.   Here are my photos and my instructions, based on Maritta’s photographs.  Thank you, Maritta.

Pentagons templates

First thing, and the most difficult, is to make the templates.   You will need a pentagon with 4″ sides and a pentagon with 2 7/8″ sides.  I went online and did http://www.ask.com to get directions on making one after trying to just draw one.  Don’t mind the hole in the larger one.  I just drew the smaller one inside the larger and then cut it out.

There are some good instructions there for drawing a pentagon, using a compass and ruler.   All four sides do have to be the same size for this to work.  I promise that once you get this part done, the rest is super simple!   Maybe you are lucky and have a pentagon ruler, or a husband or child who loves geometry!

Step 2

With your two templates in hand, you need to cut 2 of the larger pentagons and 1 of the smaller pentagons for EACH coaster.

Sew all five sides of the pentagon

With right sides together, sew two of the larger pentagons together all the way around.  DO NOT leave an  opening.  Sorry you can’t see my 14/” seam allowance all the way around but it’s there.

See the arrow?

See the arrow?  Somewhere near the center on only one side of the pentagon, cut a slit to facilitate turning.  Be careful that your scissors are not going through both layers of the fabric.  I also trim the corners so that you can get a crisp point when you turn the fabrics right side out.

Clip corners

Then turn your pentagon right side out.

There's your slit!

Press your pentagon flat.  The arrow is showing you that  now you want the pentagon with the slit facing dyou.

Place the single smaller hexagon on top

Now you are ready to place the smaller hexagon on top of the larger hexagon, covering the slit you made earlier.   I found that a little fabric glue or 505 basting spray on the backside of the smaller hexagon kept it safely in place for the next step.  Notice how the smaller hexagon is placed with each point halfway along the straight edge of the larger hexagon.  This is necessary.

Fold and pin

Fold each of the points of the larger hexagon down over the small hexagon.  This makes the points of the star.  Try to fold so that each star point is a point as closely as possible, and pin in place as needed.

Stitch all the way around

Once pinned, you simply topstitch all the way around the flaps to secure them in place.  I didn’t notice until I looked at these photos that one of my stars are a bit wonky but I think they are still cute. That’s it, you’re done.

Here are a few more I made yesterday as well.

Christmas Penguins

Christmas anyone?  I think these would make sweet hostess gifts for those holiday parties.

Come back another day and see what I did with these:

Next Project

No baby is going wear these again!  See you soon!



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