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Vermont Quilt Festival #1

It is going to take me quite some time to share even a small portion of what I saw yesterday at the Vermont Quilt Festival in Essex Junction, Vermont.  I want to show you some of the most gorgeous quilts and it’s going to be a while before I can show all of them.   VQF wants anyone sharing photos of the quilts to give the name of the quilter and I agree it’s a fair thing to do.  I tried very hard to get a shot of each identifying card when I took a photo and I was successful most of the time.  That allows me to look up in the VQF hand-out and match the number with a name.  Time consuming, but if it were my quilt, I’d want my name shared with the quilt so these quilters deserve the same respect.

First I want to show you two quilts that won a ribbon.  I am picking these first because not too long ago I was working on a mystery to solve the question of what a certain technique was called, etc.  The blocks I had made looked like this in case you haven’t looked back in the blog.

With the help of some of my followers, I was able  to determine that this is a 4-patch posy block.  There were two quilts made with this technique at the show and both won an award.

The Cutting Garden by Polley Ann McClure

She stated that she had taken a class based on 4 Patch Stacked Posies by HD Designs.  Here’s one close-up; it’s definitely the same technique.

Close of of The Cutting Garden

The fabric you see in the wide border is the fabric she stacked to get her 4 Patch Posey blocks.  As I said it won a ribbon.

The second one stated that it was a vegetable print fabric she used to this technique and made a lovely quilt.

Tossed Salad by Susan Hammer

Here’s a close-up of Susan’s vegetable prints.

Tossed Salad close up

How different it looks with the dramatic blacks and gray solids and the circular effect!

There were some incredible applique quilts there and I took a LOT of those photos.  Here are a few.

Barn Doors by Rita D’Alonzo

I love the brightness and the liveliness of this scene.  Who doesn’t love those gorgeous sunflowers climbing up each side?

The Tsar’s Decree by Megan Farkas

That’s a barrel with a child inside, from a children’s book called The Tsar’s Decree.

Nature’s Soliloquy by Lorene Liberty-Curtis

I love the beaver dams and the various pieces of fabric that make up the woodland scene.  Gorgeous!

Bijagos Warrior by Sherrie Ann Smith

I love the thread painting on this scene.  There’s even a knife in an armband-3D.  Can you see it?   I believe Sherrie Ann Smith was teaching a class at the festival.


There are lots more applique and thread painting examples to show.  I’ll show some more tomorrow.  I want to show you how timeless log cabin squares are.  Just look at these next few quilts and notice how effective the log cabins squares were in creating the full quilt.

Belfast Post Office by Mary Ellen Krantz

I believe Mary Ellen also taught at the festival.  What a wonderful wway to fram that window!  Did you ever think to use log cabins that way?

Half Log Cabin – Centered by Mary M. Moore

These are half log cabins but very dramatic in their presentation.

I have to show you one  of my favorites from the show.  It’s so hard to say you have one favorite as they are all so incredible.

Basket Case by Lynn A Whitten

I love the drama in this and the wonderful triangles which I’m thinking must be paper-pieced.  Here’s a close-up.

Crop Circle: Woolstone Hill by Joanne Sharp

This is incredible.  You have to see some of it close up to be truly amazed at the beauty.

Do you see the reverse log cabin in the design?  Wow!

Cherry Orchard by Cathy Harless

I love the simplicity of this pattern and the dramatic effect it creates when these colors are combined.

I have so many more to share!  Come back next time to see some more!

Don’t forget that the Red, White and Blue Blog Hop begins tomorrow.  You can go here to get the schedule of where to “hop” to.  Visit the featured blogs tomorrow and be sure to leave a comment or whatever they ask so you can be entered into their giveaways or maybe just check out their blocks for inspiration.  I’ll be going there first thing tomorrow and I hope you do too.  Of course, I go to jane’s blog OFTEN as she has great ideas.

Til next time.

Happy Hopping!




Sneak Preview


One more day before the Red, White and Blue Blog Hop begins.  It’s going to be so much fun!   Here’s one block I’ve made for it but I have many more to share on July 12th!


I’ve just returned from a very busy day at the Vermont Quilt Festival and I have SEW many great quilts to share with you plus lots of information I gleaned from a few of the “Gallery Talks”.  I can’t wait to share them with you, but I won’t do it until tomorrow.  It seems DH went out and bought a new Gramin GPS (with free lifetime map updates) and it’s “doing its thing” right now plugged into the same port I have to plug the camera into to retrieve all those beautiful quilt photos.

Come back tomorrow.  I promise to make it worth your while!


Red, White and Blue is Coming!

Red, White and Blue Blog Hop is coming very soon!

July 1st marks the start of the big, big Red, White and Blue Blog Hop and I hope you’re ready.  There are about 100 bloggers ready to reveal their red, white and blue 12″ squares.  Some may have made only one (I doubt there’s any that have made only one!) and some just keep on making more and more (Madame Samm).  Me, I think I’m somewhere in the middle.

I’ve made some traditional blocks and some more modern blocks and I can’t wait to show them to you.  I’ve designed a block especially for the occasion and I can’t wait to reveal that too!  Only 2 more days and then you’ll be able to visit every single blog and see their amazing collection of blocks, sign up for some giveaways (definitely here at this blog) and see some tutorials for some of the blocks you might covet.

I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at one of my traditional blocks.

Okay, that’s all, folks.  You’ll just have to wait along with me.  I’m featuring my Red, White and Blue Blocks on July 12th I’ve been told.  Go to Madame Samm’s blog (location link shown above) each day in July to be directed to where to find the featured blogs (there are two each day).  I’ll try to point them out to you too!

Now, I’m closing up shop and getting ready for my big day tomorrow.  I’m heading to the Vermont Quilt Festival!!!! Yeah!!! It’s always such a great quilt show.  Yes, I’ll be taking photos as allowed!  Yes, I’ll be sharing them with you!   Vermont Quilt Festival information is found here.

See you soon with lots of eye candy!


WIP Wednesday – Finally

Last week, I just ignored Work in Progress Wednesday.  I admit it.  Today, however, I”m ready to face the music.  I know I’ve been thinking more about the block I’ve been designing and making the sample than anything else this week.  I’m happy to say that I got the sample done and after three different ideas on how to put the block together, I came up with what I think is the simplest way to make it.  Only a few more weeks before I will share it with you.

I did work, early this morning, on my Electric Quilt program laying out some quilt possibilities.  It was fun for that purpose and I have about four options though I think there are many more possibilities.  My EQ is an older version, EQ5, but it does have the basics.  I started out by drawing the square on graph paper and trying different way to make the block.  I never turned on the EQ5 until this morning and then it was to just draw the block and use it to make the quilt options.  I’m still a paper person….I prefer to see things on paper and manipulate them on paper rather than the computer.  That must be why I still get books out of the library and second-hand shops rather than buy a Kindle….that and the fact that my areas (both VT and Alabama) have limited wifi areas.

Last weekend another book I ordered arrived.  This time it was the Cups and Saucers quilt book, a book filled with about 40 paper-pieced kitchen designs.  This book, by Maaike Baker, is just the most fun.  There are cups, mugs, saucers, bowls, plates, teapots, pitchers and more.  I decided to try it right away, ignoring all my other projects.  I made a cup today, just for fun.  The cup and saucer pattern (of which there are many different sized patterns) was such an easy one to make.

I thought it might be fun to have a “Go RVing” cup.  I did make one small mistake.  I left out one small triangle piece that is supposed to go at the far right on the handle of the cup.  It should be a straight handle piece and a white triangle in there.  I got ahead of myself and didn’t discover it until much to late.  This one was for fun and I’m not worried about that mistake.

That’s something I’ve learned over the years of quilting.  You, and you alone, have to decide which mistakes are so “gig” to you that you can’t live with it the way it is.  No one else can determine that for you.  Is the mistake you made going to “drive you crazy” every time you look at the project or will you even forget it after a while?  If I’m making it for a judging, or for another person, I am far more apt to take my work out and start again to make it perfect.  If it’s for me and just a fun piece, it’s not worth my time to take things out.  If I can still enjoy looking at it with the error in place, I’ll leave it there.

And WIP list:

Here’s the list I put up on May 29th. I see I didn’t make much of a dent in the list.

However, I’m halfway (or more), through my first project on the list.  I have five blocks done and want three more so I can make a wall-hanging of them for the July post.

I work on the DWR off and on, a long, long-term project. (Remember?  The 50th anniversary is years away!)

Art Quilt for Swap-bot is gone and received by the recipient.  She loves it and has it hanging in her office where she can take herself away to the beach any time she wants, just by looking into the art quilt.


WIPs as of 5/29/12

1.  Red, White and Blue Blocks – 5 completed, 3 more to be made (at least)

2.  DWR – piecing

3.  Art Quilt for Swap-Bot  – Completed and Sent


My project bags are pretty much just the same.  There’s no Row Robin on the WIP list currently.  I expect I’ll get a new one to work on next month.  I think I’ll start looking at that section of the WIP list as the”Adventures to Look Forward To”.  I’m certainly not dreading them; I just keep finding other things I want to do NOW.

Project Bags  (in no particular order)

1.  Civil War Quilt – needs to be sashed and stitched into a quilt top and then quilted

2.  Wool Applique Christmas Hanging  – all fabric and directions/patterns are in a bag

3.  Cloned Cats with a Twist – the squares are complete and waiting a decision on what to do with themn

4.  Iron carrier/pad – Materials in a bag; tutorial on my “Favorites” list

5.  Paper-pieced Circle of Geese – Pattern and some fabrics in project bag

6.  Slow Cooker Carrier – pattern in my files and the fabrics in project bag

7.  Bali Dragonfly Wallhanging – paper-pieced, partially completed

8.  Holdiay Tree Ornament – project bag with fabrics and pattern

9.  Challenge Project – not due until January, 2013 so fabrics and my proposed pattern in project bag

10.  Australiana Project – fabrics brought back from Australia by Anita – waiting to decide what I’ll make

Woo-hoo!!   Half-way to being a “REAL” quilter.

11.  Eric Carle fabric project – This was a giveaway I won and it’s waiting for a very special child (who doesn’t exist yet) to be born

12.  Cupcake Pincushion – materials gathered (wool felts and cottons) in project bag

13.  4-Patch (Botanical) Posey Blocks – remaing blocks and the rest of the fabric in a project bag awaiting a plan

14.  Rising Sun Album Block Quilt – one block made

15.  Recycled Clothing (Madras focal fabric) – in project bag

16.  Barbara Brackman’s Antique Sewing Kit Tut-  all ready to make in a bag

17.  Piece ‘o Cake pinscushion  – in a box (no bag!) ready to  make two

18.  Row Robin row – in the mail on it’s way to me, so I’m counting it – That one’s made and soon another will arrive!

19.  Wool plaid wallhanging project – This was wool I won in last Christmas’ giveway by Sara in Scotland.  I have a plan, no pattern


Speaking of WIPs, as you might remember, DH and the Grandson have their own WIP.  Today was another work day and it’s really shaping up.

Another workday and they may be ready for the first trial.  Bike helmet will be a requirement!

The front axle is not attached yet; just posed for the photo with the Grandson showing how it fits.  Eavesdropping on their conversation as I sit by the window sewing, I can’t really tell who’s having the most fun.

One other person I came across today has a WIP.  A family is staying in our “Eagle” cabin for the week.  There’s a son who’s attending a hockey camp in Woodstock and his dad takes him up there each day.  Mom stays at the cabin and enjoys her solitude.  This morning I noticed a very interesting item on the porch.

Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel LB6601  This is what I saw on the porch.  It’s a Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel, model #LB6601.  It’s very transportable and made especially for traveling and use in small spaces.   I spoke with her for a while and examined the Ladybug.  It’s really such a cute thing!  You can examine one here.

I’ve been looking at drop spindles for some time now.  Very portable and good for beginners, they do have their limitations but I may get one eventually.   I’d love to make my own yarn.  The yarn the Mom was spinning was from merino sheep and angora rabbits.  It was blue! and so soft!  She’s spinning it for a lacey shawl so it will be a 2-ply fine yarn.  Gorgeous!  You can watch a YouTube video of how to use a drop spindle here.

Ashford Turkish Drop Spindle

What’s your current WIP?  The one you REALLY plan to work on right away?  Mine this week will be the other Red, White and Blue blocks and also my sample blocks of the block I designed.   DH had a good question today when I was showing him the block and the quilt layouts.  He asked how I know my block is an original block and not just a copy of some other block already created.  I told him I didn’t think there was any way to be completely sure.  There are gazillions of quilt blocks out there with many, many quilters creating more each day.   Perhaps there is another one like mine out there.  All I can attest to is I drew this out of my ideas and used the colors I wanted, named it myself and if there are others like it out there, so be it.  I’m not selling mine, I’m giving it away.  Does it really matter if somewhere out in the universe there’s another similar block?  What do you think?

I leave you with that to think about, then you can advise me.

Enjoy each day; you never know when it will be your last.  I enjoy every one of my days; I hope you do too.






The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Did you ever see that movie?   We did, a number of times.  DH is a Clint Eastwood fan; in fact, we might actually own a VHS or even a DVD of that movie.  It was done in 1966 and is often referred to as a “spaghetti western”.  What does that mean, anyway?

You know I had to go look it up.  Movies that got the “spaghetti western” label were usually directed by Italian directors and filmed in low budget locations that looked like the American Southwest, often in Spain.  Wikipedia said they were usually low budget, minimal cinematography and a recognizable fluidity.  They also informed that they were used either actors at the end of their acting careers, or in the case of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly actors who were just breaking in.  This particular movie was later rated as one of the top end spaghetti westerns and I guess it must be right.  Look where it got Clint Eastwood!

I swear to you that I often don’t know where my posts are going to start, or perhaps end up.  I know where this is going, but I can tell you I didn’t have any intention of writing about “spaghetti westerns”.  It just happened.  I’m going to tell you about my camping trip.

The Good ….  Mt. Philo State Park is a lovely park mid-way up the mountain, Mt. Philo.  It was the very first Vermont State Park, created in 1925 and later improved by the CCC in the 1930’s.  We stayed Sunday through today, just as originally planned.

The BadIt rained almost the entire time we were camping.

The Ugly …  DH couldn’t sleep on the inflatable queen-size mattress.  Actually, neither of us could when we were both trying to sleep on it.  He gave up trying about 1:30 a.m. and went out to the truck and stayed there the rest of the night trying to sleep sitting up.  Well, I’m sure he reclined the seat but still, it wasn’t prone in a bed as most people sleep.

When he didn’t come back (I thought he had gone to the restroom), I figured he had decided to sleep in the truck and our camping trip would be coming to a brief conclusion by morning. Now, I wanted to do this camping and so did he, but it was our grandson I was thinking about.  I did tell him when we woke up the next morning that we might be packing up and not to worry, he and I would go another time and Grandpa wouldn’t have to come if he couldn’t sleep and didn’t want to come.   However, I was in for a surprise.

After breakfast, he said we should go for a ride to get some things we had forgotten, and some things we definitely needed.  We went to Burlington, the closest town with shopping.  K-Mart is there and what did he go for?   Two twin-size inflatable mattresses.

Twin Size Flocked Airbed- Northwest Territory

I forgot to tell you about the inflatable queen mattress.  It  is one of those super high inflatables, not just the 6-8″ high ones.    I think those are dolls in the ad!


We couldn’t even roll over because we would roll into each other.

We ended up going back to the park with two inflatable twin mattresses plus two pillows.  We had forgotten our pillows at home, and since it was time to get new pillows, we got them at the same time as the inflatable mattresses.


Did you notice there is something missing in this post?   The Shelburne Museum is missing!  Due to the constant rain (okay, we had a few 20-min. respites from the rain), it was not conducive to visiting the Shelburne Museum.  There are a number of buildings on the grounds and they are not super close.  With all the rain, it would have been a miserable visit.  We do plan to go visit later this summer, on a sunny day.  Yesterday we had a nice lunch out the found a bookstore to pick up another book for our voracious reader, Jack. We went to The Flying Pig Bookstore which was right next to The Bearded Frog restaurant (which wasn’t open).   We then went back to the park and played cards and games to while away the afternoon in the rain.  How lucky we were to have a wooden lean-to with a nice wide overhang.  We didn’t get wet unless we had to walk away from the overhang, to use the restrooms or get things from the truck.  We were close to the restrooms so even the trip there was a quick one.

So, not too much to tell you about today, this day I expected to be showing you  pictures of an incredible museum.  Things don’t always go according to our plans, do they?  We had a great time camping without the RV and we have plans to visit more of the parks in the Vermont State Park system.  It’s such a great opportunity they give us a seasonal employees of the VSP system.  We can visit any state park in the system for free, including camping there.  It’s a nice way of saying that they appreciate their employees’ dedication.  There are 36 parks in the system, and we certainly won’t have enough time to camp in all of them but we’ll certainly enjoy seeing more of them.

I had another quilt book waiting for me at our daughter’s house and I can’t wait to make something from it.  I have a great idea for some placemats.  How can I ever complete my WIP List if I keep finding or dreaming up new projects????





Saturday Night Special

I promise this post has nothing to do with guns…just in case Saturday Night Special makes you think of guns.  After I wrote that title, I thought “Ooo, guns”.

This post is really about a few things going on in Blogland that I thought you might not know about and might be interested in.

Jennifer at SewHooked  is offering the cutest pattern over in her shop.  If you have Chess players in your family you might be interested in seeing her pattern, “A Friendly Game” that she shared on June 22, 2012.  If you go to her blog here, scroll down to June 22nd and check out the fabulous paper-pieced chess game.  It has the individual chess pieces and a layout for the entire gameboard, all for $8.00.  Check it out!

Another deal I ran across is at Martingale’s website, Stitch This.  They are offering all e-books for $9.99 or less.  Included in that selection is the book I just received in the mail, Needles and Notions.  Check that offer out at StitchThis here


Saturday nights are special, aren’t they?  Remember when you were a young gal and you had your date night on Saturday night?  Maybe you just stayed home on Saturday nights and washed your hair.  It was something to do, right?   I remember that Saturday nights were my nights to get out of the house.  Friday night was always a night I had to babysit while my parents went grocery shopping and whatever, dinner out away from their 7 kids remaining at home maybe. That made Saturday night that much more fun, even it meant I was just going to a friend’s house for the evening or an overnight, not on a date.

DH and I met when I was twelve, at a church youth group meeting and we were pretty much together “ever after” from that point on.  When he was in the Navy and I was in college, there was no dating going on.  I didn’t quilt back then, but I did learn to knit during my college years.  My grandmother wouldn’t teach me because I’m left-handed, and my mother didn’t knit.  I had a college room-mate that knit all the time she wasn’t studying and she taught me very easily.  My first project was a blue sweater for myself.  I have to confess that I have never started with a simple project when learning anything new.  Usually I’m learning a technique because I saw something I like and wanted so learning to make something less than that wouldn’t cut it for me.

I did do the big “never do this” — knitting a sweater for the boyfriend (now the DH).  It came out miles too big.  I remember it well because it was a lovely rust color and when it didn’t fit him, I thought I could “fix” it by washing it in hot water.  That just proves how little I had learned about knitting with wool!   You know the rest of the story.  When it came out, it was no longer way too big…it was now way too small.   I unraveled as much as I could and just wound it up in a ball, never to be seen or touched again.

Live and learn, right?

Well, I’m about to have one of those live and learn experiences.  Tomorrow morning we are picking up the grandchild and heading off to go camping.  Now if you read my blog regularly, you know I’m an RVer which can be called “roughing it smoothly”.  If you want to learn about RVs, you should go here.  Gp RVing has very useful information on finding the right RV, finding the right campground, etc.  If you own an RV, and want great information about one of the best RV clubs in the nation, you should go here.  We’ve been members of Escapees RV Club for about 12 years and the information we gained from that membership has been priceless.  The people we have met who are affiliated with Escapees are the nicest, kindest, most incredible people.  Now, I said we were going “camping”.  We are, but not the “roughing it smoothly” kind.   We are not taking the RV with us!   We’re going light, heading to another state park in Vermont and setting up camp there for a few days.  Now you need to know we have NEVER camped in a tent; we’ve never even owned one.  Our kids owned them, and still do, but we never used them.  We had a van when the kids were small and we made a trip to Canada in that (minus the kids who spent the week with the ‘grands’.)  That was pretty much camping and as close as we’ve ever come; after that we had a pop-up, and then a travel trailer and now we have the full-time RV home.

We’re going to stay in a lean-to at the State Park we’re going to visit.

We’re borrowing a few things from DD and SIL, plus grandson has a few items too.  We’ll have a propane stove, cooler with ice, Coleman lanterns, flashlights, sleeping bags, folding chairs, marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate and a few other items I’ve not listed.  You get the idea.  This will be REAL camping.  We are taking our queen-size blow-up bed and one for Jack too.  I want DH to get a good night’s sleep as that’s how he measures success these days.  If he sleeps well, we will do it again.  If it rains, which it might, we still might be able to do it again.  But if he doesn’t sleep well, there’s no promising it will happen again.

Did you notice I didn’t mention taking a tent?   We’re not going to!   We’ve seen a lot of people at this park where we are staying just hang up a tarp across the front of the lean-to at night.  We’re going to try that.  At least if it rains, we should stay dry inside the lean-to.  I’ll let you know how this all goes.

By the way, if you are the camping kind and want some camping recipes, you will find a post here that has a lot of recipes for camping.  Some of them sound really good! and some of them we’ve used for years.  We’re going pretty basic for recipes this time out and we’ll branch out if all goes well this time.

I have plans for a day trip while we’re there.  I hope to get the DH and grandson here to check out the many varied exhibits including this one.

It’s going to be a great mini-vacation.  I’m very hopeful for it.  It does mean I’ll be away from here, my computer, for a few days.  When I get back, I hope to have a little bit of interest to you to share.  I’m definitely taking the camera with the battery all charged and ready to go.   Then I’ll give it a rest for a few days until Friday when I drive back north a few hours again for the Vermont Quilt Festival.   It’s going on this coming weekend and I’ll be there on Friday!

So that is my Saturday night special for you.  Lots of information about good things going on around us and good places to go online to see some great things.  Please visit some of these links and see what you could be enjoying if you were here.

Good night, and I’ll be back on Tuesday most like, Wednesday at the latest.




A Vermont Tradition

While my cousins were visiting a week or so ago, we took them to see a few special places in this part of Vermont.  The draft of this post got overlooked so I never posted it while they were here.  I thought I would post it now as I’m busy with designing my block and not actually getting any other quilting done right now.

I made a lot of progress yesterday and I think I have the block sample the way I want it.  My hat goes off to those people who design quilt blocks all the time.  I designed two applique blocks with ease, but designing a pieced block is more complex.  Drawing the picture on graph paper is the EASY part.  I can’t wait to show you but I want it to be a Red, White and Blue Blog Hop design special so we’ll all have to wait.

While we’re waiting, let’s visit the Vermont Country Store.  Vermont Country Store is available online and also at two locations in Vermont, Rockingham and the original store in Weston. We visited the store in Weston.

To give you just a bit of history on the Vermont Country Store, it was started in 1946 and is currently celebrating 65 years of continuous business.  Mr Vrest Orton came home from WWII and told his wife he wanted to start an authentic country store.

Mr. Orton was a frugal New Englander and wanted everything they sold to be useful, practical and make sense.  The store still holds true to this principle and markets their company as “purveyors of the practical and hard-too-find”.  I would add that they also are purveyors of nostalgia.  Walking into the store is almost a walk back in time.

The pot-bellied wood stove and checkers game sitting on a barrel, a bit of the 1800’s country store atmosphere.

Mr. Orton saw the pot-bellied stove and checkers on a Chase and Sanborn Coffee advertisement and wanted that same country store look.   There are soaps, cheeses, candies (lots and lots of what was penny candy when I was a child and now cost about 25 cents a piece), and other familiar items.

Your first view of the store as you enter

While the Vermont Country store carries modern items, well-made and useful, it also carries many things that were available when our parents were young adults and starting families.  They have home remedies such as Cola Syrup which was for aiding in indigestion but also could be mixed with water for a tasty cola drink.  They have Bosco – do you remember Bosco, the clown?  I don’t but they have it there.

Bosco, chocolate bars and chocolate drink to mix with milk.

They have toys of olden days,  games you don’t find other places anymore.  How ’bout a LambChop puppet?  Who remembers Shari Lewis and her friend Lamb Chop?

Lamb Chop

What about red-heel socks and the inevitable sock monkeys that have recently made a come-back?

Darling Sock Monkeys wearing Vermont Country Store t-shirts

Their upper shelves throughout the store display things from the original Country Store and they have displays throughout of items worn and used back in the early days of the Vermont Country Store.  They have a Scale Museum in one corner now, new since we were there last.

Scales and more scales

High button shoes and hoops to support hoop skirts

Girls and women dropped this hoop down over their head, tied the ribbons around their waist and the hoop would sway as they walked, causing the skirts to swish and keep a lovely shape as they women walked.

I remember seeing this clock in some homes when I was a child, but we never had one at our house. The tails swings back and forth as the clock ticks.

Aging Hippie Bath Oils

Aging Hippie Bath Oil  is on the shelf near the Monkey Butt Powder, Old Goat Pain Relief and Spring Chicken Muscle Rub.  No one says store owners can’t have a sense of humor when they order their supplies…practical and useful remember.

Ice Box with soft drinks

This is an old-fashioned industrial size ice box.  I remember my grandmother having a lovely wooden ice box at their hunting camp.  A block of ice went into the top compartment and the foods and drinks in the lower compartment.  Perfect for a place that had no electricity!  The shelves of this ice box hold such things as Coca Cola and Moxie.   Moxie, in case you are totally unfamiliar with it, is a drink developed by a doctor in Maine.  You may never have seen it if you haven’t been to New England but I can tell you it was popular and is still sold.  Lisbon, Maine holds a Moxie festival every summer and it draws a huge crowd.

Moxie with its distinctive label

Moxie is a soft drink that tastes less sweet than most soft drinks, but also tastes a lot more “medicinal”.  I would say you either love it or you hate it.  Most people I know hate it, but I do have two personal friends who adore the nasty stuff.   It was originally used as a relief for nerves.  The doctor mixed some water with it and then sold it as a drink.  It’s still around today.

Of course, Coca Cola also developed by a druggist, is still around today.

Wooden Clothespins…they were developed in Maine too!

I took a photo of these socks especially for my quilting friends.  You’ll be able to see why immediately.

Love that quilt-y design!

Mis-matched socks, purposely made that way.

These mult-colored socks are paired so that no two actually matches. You actually buy a set of three, not two.  They are thick and colorful and …. expensive.   $21.95 per set!   I didn’t say the prices at the Vermont Country Store were set back 65 years ago!

Here’s a fiber rug/mat that appears to be made out of end from these socks, or perhaps those that could not be sold as sock sdue to  defects.  Rug:  $89

You can thumb through the catalog (call 1-800-564-4623 to ask for a catalog to be sent to you) and see a small sprinkling of the items that are sold in the catalog that were popular over the years  and still are available through VCS, perhaps ONLY through VCS.

100% cotton muumuus (flowing dresses)

100% cotton madras jumper

Seersucker house dresses

2″ wide comfort suspenders, red – black – tan – navy -gray

100% cotton floral printed hankies

Timex watches

Manual Typewriters

35mm Kodak Camera ($39.95)  Film $7.95 for 24-exposure

Classic 1960’s Slimline phones in green, red, beige

Fuller Brush mops

Electric Broom

West Bend Commercial Toasters

Bean Frencher  (cuts green beens into french style slices)

Aluminum Ice Cube Trays

Original Slush Mug

Black Jack Gum

Beeman’s Gum

Turkish Taffy candy

Horehound drops

Copper Kettle fudge

Black Licorice in many varieties (one of my favs)

Cookie Buttons, many flavors as featured on Martha Stewart Living

Senate Bean Soup (says it is served in the Senate Dining room)

Latvian Smoke Sprats ( small herring fish)

Fine Mesh Hair Nets

Tangee Lipstick (long lasting –  been around many years apparently)

Real latex Rubber Swim Caps

Chenille Bedspreads (Fringled Hobnail, Queen Victoria , Abigail Adams, floral, etc)

100 % Cotton Percale Sheets

Eileen West sleepwear, 100% finely woven cotton lawn

Lanz lightweight cotton sleepwear, found only at VCS

Vanity Fair sleepwear

Red flannel long-johns

Munsingwear men’s underwear, in business for 120 years

Lollipop 100% cotton underwear (for over 50 years)

Bay Rum Aftershave

Shaving Brushes

Watertight Ice Bag (I remember seeing Lucille Ball use one of these on “I Love Lucy”)

Lung Flush

Acai Berry chews

Pine Bros. Throat Drops

Witch Hazel Salve

Lanolin skin moisturizer

Lifebuoy Soap

Soap-on-a Rope

Powder Puffs

Tired Old Ass Soak

Sweet Almond Oil (Jackie Kennedy’s secret silky soft skin it says)

Frownies and Wrinkies (smoothes wrinkle lines while you sleep)

Tabu lipstick (stays right where you put it)

Neck and Chin Toning System

Pair Arm Wrap Toning System

White Shoulders cologne and powder

Aprege by lanvin

Evening in Paris

and the list goes on and on.    Risk-free shopping; 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

You can actually hear some good chuckles walking through the store, and a lot of “oh, my, they still make that!”

I didn’t even start on the Candy Department-“penny” candies from our youth that now cost  a quarter or more each; cheeses, cookies, dip mixes, spreads, jams, soda crackers, oh my!    It’s fascinating to wander through!  Lots of cheese sampling!

You want to know what I bought there right?   I bought a small kitchen strainer, a slice of lilac soap, and a package of Smoked Vermont Cheddar cheese for DH.

We also stopped at Mildred’s across the parking lot.  It’s a dairy bar with delicious-sounding flavors of ice cream.  I had a maple soft-serve ice cream.

Mildred’s A Dairy Bar with lots of nostalgic items besides ice cream

Antique milkshake blenders and other items

Up on the shelf behind these blenders I saw a Scotch brand picnic cooler just like one we through away with cleaning out the DH’s aunt’s apartment ten years ago!

It really was fun.  I go there several times a year, usually to take visiting friends/family and I never get tired of looking around!

I hope you enjoyed my tour through the Vermont Country Store!   You can also check them out for yourself here.

Hugs, Marsha