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Friday Finds

It’s Friday again.  Do these Fridays seem to be coming faster and faster or is it just me, trying to stretch out the summer season?  This is the start of the Labor Day Weekend here in the USA. - 8.8 KThe first suggestion of a Labor Day came in 1882 by a laborer, not a government official.  However, by 1885/1886 the Government has taken the idea further and a national day of recognition of the contributions of the American laborer, the “workingman”, was initiated.  As it remains today, it is a holiday for the working man and woman, most of the anyway.  We all should recognize the men and women who work regardless of holiday, weather, or desire.  Hospitals need to remain staffed, fire houses need to be at the ready, and our streets are safer thanks to those who go to work in the midst of the celebration by others of that day.  Here’s a special thank you from me to all those who labor to add their strengths toward the making of America the wonderful country it is, the American working man and woman.

I know many of my readers come from other lands.  Do you have a day when your “average Joe” is recognized for the contribution toward making your country great?  On one of the blogs I hopped to, they blogger asked everyone to leave a comment telling what they knew about her country.  I don’t think we really take as much notice of other countries as other countries do of the USA.  I think Labor Day is strictly a American holiday and I don’t know if any other country does something similar.  It would be interesting to know, so if you know anything about that, leave me a comment and let me know.

Now to Friday Finds.  Oh, first let me say the Back to School Blog Hop and Giveaway is going on still, until Labor Day, Monday.  Keep on hopping around Blogland and checking out what’s there.  I’ve seen some great ideas as I’ve been hopping and a few quilt blocks I just have to make.  I’m still making more Red, White and Blue blocks to finish up my Veteran’s quilt.  This link will take you to the Master List.  Don’t hop away yet, though.  Stay long enough to see what I found this week!

1.  Whiz Kid Quilt Pattern   This is a bright, lovely quilt by Kiera Vanella who blogs here.  The download is available through Connecting Threads, free, by clicking on the pattern name above.

Whiz Kid Pattern Download

2.  Zippered Boxbag Tutorial – upcycling a sweater to make a delightful bag by Libby at Truly Myrtle BlogTruly Myrtle box bag

Knitters are going to love the trulymyrtle blog site.  Great patterns and a lovely read too!  I’m so glad I found it!

3. Stuffed Frog – I might make one to use as a pincushion!  The frogs are a design  featured by Purl Bee blog.


4.  How about a Quilt-Along?  Elizabeth Hartman over at Oh! Fransson blog started this open-ended quilt-along back in January but it has no end date so all the info is still available here.  She calls this quilt “Sparkle Punch”.


5.  Denim?  Are you ready for another idea for those old denim jeans?  I always love a good upcycled denim idea and this one is by Just Crafty.  This is an arm rest project bag!


I hope you enjoyed today’s finds.  These bloggers are crafty people and I’m off to find some more wonderful projects for next week!  Be sure to check out my giveaways for the Back to School Blog Hop and tell me in a comment which one YOU want to win.  I’m doing two winners and splitting up the whole pile of them between the two winners, and throwing in a couple of surprise patterns too.  That will be announced on Tuesday, September 4th – and you don’t have to be present to win!  I’ll make every effort to email you so be sure I can find your email address.


Do you De-Stash?

It’s half way through the Quilting Gallery’s Back to School Blog Hop.

Blog Hop Party   Find the complete list of participating blogs here.

My giveaway, in case you haven’t visited around the blog before this week looks like this:  details on each one can be found in Monday’s post.


You tell me which one you would like to win in a comment at the end of this post.  If you are a follower, new or one of the faithful, you can get a second opportunity to win by leaving a second comment telling me you are a follower.

Now,  are you still wondering why I asked if you “De-Stash”?   I’m de-stashing this week.  First the 10+ (there are a few surprises I didn’t show that will be included in the two prize packages — YES, TWO winners!   Besides these great patterns, I’m cleaning out some other goodie and they are going to my Swap Pal who will share them with her church ladies.  She says they are all beginners and will be excited with whatever they get.  Do you know ANY quilter who isn’t excited to get a few more quilting items?????  Why do you think we all sign up to win prizes in the Blog Hops???

I made up a bag of scraps, some tools, a couple of patterns, a pair of UFOs and even a sewing pouch, threw them all into a Priority Mail Pouch and off they went to Kansas.  No, not by tornado but by Priority Mail.

I hope they like it.  I like it because I now have a little more room for new stuff.  Limited storage means some things have to go OUT before other things can come in.  Yesterday I got some wool for a few projects and I now can take it out of the bag and put some of it away.  I have immediate plans for some of it.  My trip to the Wool Store is a story for another day so I’ll leave it at that.

So, do you de-stash or do you just keep packing it away?  I’d love to hear how you handle the continually growing “stash” we quilters get.

Happy Stitching, and maybe de-stashing!




Quick Cowboy Hankie Quilt

Sorry for the late arrival of the post today (noon-ish) but we lost our wifi signal due to heavy rain last night.

Are you looking for a quick quilt to make?   My friend Lucy may have just made the quilt for you.  I think it’s perfect for so many purposes, and my imagination has been running wild since I saw Lucy’s quilt.

Yes, this lovely, colorful quilt is made from “cowboy hankies” or bandanas as I call them.  Lucy added a dramatic black sashing which really sets off the colors.  I saw these at Tractor Supply this morning.

Six “cowboy hankies for $5.00.  Each hankie is 14″x14” so you figure it out.  It’s not a lot of money for a quilt top!  In each of the packages I saw there was yellow, green black, red, orange and purple.  Of course these are not the finest cotton but for a quick quilt to toss on the bed of the  RV (Lucy’s plan) or have on the sofa in the TV room/play room, they are perfect.

I mentioned that my imagination was running wild after seeing this, and those inexpensive hankie packs.  Do you have a young cowboy in your family?  When my grandson, Jack, was younger he went through a cowboy infatuation.  We bought him books about cowboys and he had horses and even a fram truck that towed an RV (guess who gave him that????)  Several of his favorite books were

Why Cowboys Sleep With Their Boots On which is a cute story about how this cowboy loses another article of clothing each night until he decides to sleep with his boots on to keep them from “walking away”.  Who’s taking all his belongings?   I enjoyed reading this book to him.

Product Details

Little Red Cowboy Hat is a book loosely based on the tale, Little Red Riding Hood.

Product Details


Those  were two of his favorite and they can be found at . Why I even sang him “Home on the Range” which he told me Sunday he had just replayed that day.  I used to read and record them so he could hear my voice when he was little (and apparently even bigger!!) and I did sing some for him too.  It was a way to keep us close when we were traveling far away in the winter time.

These cowboy memories made me think that the quilt above could be enhanced with some appliques to make it even more child-friendly.  How about a different cowboy motif in each block?

That square is perfectly fine as is, but wouldn’t a motif look great?  How about a cowboy hat, cowboy boot, horse,  sheriff’s badge, saddle, lasso, wolf howling at the moon, cow/cattle, horse shoe, etc.  Wondering how you would ever find those motifs?  My suggestion for any time you are looking for motifs is to find a child’s coloring book, or even easier in our world of internet, search for “cowboy coloring pages” and see what you find.  The preschool pages are best because the design is simpler, making it easier to do in applique. There’s no end to the pictures you can find like these.  Okay, I got you started and the rest is up to you.

Blog Hop Party  Go here to see the full list of particpating blogs


The Quilting Gallery’s Back to School Blog Hop and Giveaway is still going on.  I don’t know about you but I haven’t even begun to make a dent in the list of participating blogs.  I did notice there are about 140 blogs on the list and I’ve seen some great giveaways.  Be sure to leave a comment and take a chance of winning something wonderful and useful!

Happy Hopping!



Fast No-Binding Finish

This is the second day of the Back-to-School Blog Hop organized by Quilting Gallery’s very own Mishka.  You can see the entire list of participants by going here.

Blog Hop Party

Whether you are in school or out of school, you can still learn new things.  Today, thanks to Doris from made by a brunette, I think I’ve learned how to make a photo mosaic.  If I did learn you will be able to see it. Below you should  be able to see all the items in my give-away. ( I think I managed to get  one in upside down, though)

The way it works is you leave me a comment telling me which of the patterns I’m displaying YOU would like to win.   It’s a simple as that.  If you are a Follower of mine, old or just signing up, leave me a second comment for a second chance to win.

1.  Doily Wear by Ozark Crafts  (sweatshirt decoration)

2.  In Grandma’s Garden by The Scrapbaggers (paper piecing)

3.  United We Stand  by Talented Friends (13″x16″ table topper)

4.  Log Cabin Hearts by Country Threads (6 designs)

5.  “No Sweat” Checkerboard Shirt by Blue Ribbon Patterns

6.  Hairballs by Tigue Productions, Inc. (2 free-standing kitty decorations (6 1/2″ x 8″)

7.  God Bless America by Plum Creek Collectibles (15″x26″ wall quilt and angel pin)

8. Field of Flowers by Four Corners (beginner and beyond wall-hanging)

9.  Cardinal Counted Cross Stitch Kit by Bucilla  (2″x3″)

10.  Frosty by Tattered Treasures (12″ snowman decoration)

The winner will receive the pattern of his/her choice and I’ll choose which other ones will be included.  I’ve decided it will be two winners and I will ship Internationally.   That means 5, FIVE, patterns and a couple of extras I’m not telling about.  These may be brand-new (as in never opened) or they may be used (as in I’ve already cut out the pattern pieces for you!)  They are patterns I’ve had for a while and I would guess many of them are no longer found on the store shelves.  As one of my readers said so eloquently.  “As a new quilter, I like to see older patterns.”   True enough as said.  Drawings will be done and announced on Sept. 4th after the Blog Hop ends.

Now to the business at hand.  I promised to show you how I finished off my Popsicles Snack Mat without borders or binding.

I did one of these for the Bowls with Borders Blog Hop.  You’ll find it here.

Here’s the Popsicles as I finished the front.  I decided the triple edging would bring the snack mat closer to the desired size which finished out about 10×13″.

Next I cut out a piece of fleece that has the fusible on one side.  It’s not necessary to use the fusible but that’s what I had on hand and I wanted to make this without purchasing any new items.

Then I cut out a piece of the backing fabric about 4″ longer than the Popsicles top and about 1″ wider on each side.  Do not trim these to size yet!

Take the backing fabric by itself and cut across the fabric approximately 1/3 of the way down the fabric from side to side.  Apparently the photo for this step is missing but you will end up with two pieces of backing 1/3 of the length and 2/3 of the length.  You will take these two pieces and put them right sides together.

Starting in the middle, stitch the two pieces together to one edge.

Now, leaving a 3″ section unstitched, sew the other side together.

Here is what it will look like when you stitched it as described above.

Look right in the middle of this photo and you will see some hearts not quite matching and you should be able to see the slit that’s left open after sewing the two edges.

Layer the backing face down, then the front and the batting on top.  It doesn’t matter where your slit ends up as long as it is somewhere on the interior area of the backing so it will be there when the layers are stitched together.

Stitch the three layers together, all four sides.  Do not leave an opening on one side as is customarily in this type of step.

Trim the rectangle, leaving 1/4″ seam allowance.

Trim the four corners as well.

Turn over the piece and locate the slit.  Pull the project through the slit, pulling right side out.

Poke all the edges out as far as they will go.  A little tugging usually brings them into order.  Press the piece lightly.

I whip-stitch the slit closed, though it may not be necessary.  Your all-over quilting will cover it but I like to whip-stitch so I don’t have to worry about it catching or turning out.

Now it’s ready to quilt.  You will quilt all the way to the edge, but I suggest starting in the middle of the project so that you don’t get pockets that should have been flattened more to the outside.

I stitched around the popsicles first and then did a bit of FMQ for the rest.  I decided to try the FMQ design suggested by Quiltmaker on the pattern page.

I thought the design was really cute so I thought I’d give it a try.  Continuous designs are always preferred as they leave fewer threads on the back of the project.  I did the spiral around the popsicles and then when I got to the stripes I decided to go back and forth along the stripes.  I did two rows of the FMQ on the stripes.

I hope this borderless, bindingless tutorial was helpful.  I would suggest that this type of finish be reserved for mug rugs, snack mats, art quilts and other small quilts.  I wouldn’t recommend it for a larger quilt as it could be difficult to press the edges out well.

Thanks again to all my Followers, and those of you visiting through the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop.  I hope to see you all here again for the next post.

Happy Stitching,

Marsha, QuilterinMotion

Blog Hop with Give-away Starts Today

Mishka at Quilting Gallery has organized another fantastic Blog Hop with Give-Aways event.  If you didn’t take part last time, you definitely have some indescribable fun coming your way.   All you need to do is go to Quilting Gallery here to see the list of all the bloggers who are holding give-aways this week.


It’s a “Back to School” give-away which is not to say there’s any school books or homework involved.  It’s just that it is “back to school” time for most children in the U.S. within the dates of this Blog Hop, August 26th – September 3rd.  That means….more creative time for Moms!  Those of retired from teaching…and other pursuits…too, as summer draws to a close.


Blog Hop Partycat books school

Hopefully, we will all be giving away some things that will fill your days with creative pursuits.  What am I giving away you ask?

If you’ve been following my blog (and if you haven’t I hope you will decide to join my others friends), you will be aware that I am not sponsored by any lovely fabric companies or pattern companies.  I am just me, a quilter who enjoys sharing my quilting experiences along with my traveling with you, my readers.  That means that while I don’t have any fabulous fabric give-aways like you might find at other blogs, I do want to share with you.  I decided to share some of my patterns with you.  I have a stack of patterns (that want to keep falling down!) that I won’t be using anymore.  I live in a small space and can’t keep everything I own so I’m hoping some of you will enjoy these patterns.  Here’s a look at what’s available.

In Grandma’s Garden by the SCRAPBAGGERS, L.C.

In Grandma’s Garden by The Scrapbaggers, L.C. is a paper-piecing pattern with five different garden-themed designs.

Doily Wear by Ozark Crafts – Sewing Machine

This is an adorable sweatshirt design of a vintage sewing machine.  It’s just covered with all kinds of sewing room extras.  (Looks like the photo is a bit blurry–sorry.}

Log Cabin Hearts by Country Threads

Log Cabin Hearts by Country Threads includes pattern pieces and directions for a 31″ wall quilt, 15″ wallhanging, 15″ pillow, 8×16″ wallhanging and 6″ pillows.  Complete log cabin block directions are included.


“No Sweat” Checkerboard Shirt by Blue Ribbon Patterns

The “No Sweat” Checkerboard Shirt features a checkerboard that changes into stripes as it moves across the shirt.


“United We Stand” by Talented Friends

“United we Stand” is a super cute pattern of four Santas that are sewn as one piece.  It makes a great table or mantel decoration.

As you can see, these are not patterns you’ll find today on the shelves of stores.  I admit they’ve been in my possession a while but now it’s time for them to go to live with someone who will actually open the packages and make them.  (Well, I’ve made a few of them but most are unopened.)  You know how that is. You see the pattern, you fall in love, and then you just never find time to make it.

I have about six others to go along with these.   Leave me a comment telling me which of the patterns I’ve shown here interests you the most.  The winners, of which I think there will be two, but maybe three, will win that pattern and several others that will be a surprise.  I hope you see something here you’d like to own.

I will ship internationally as well as within the U.S. and Canada so don’t be shy.  If you leave me a second comment indicating you are a follower (I can look it up but you will save me time!!! and you might be a NEW follower ), you can get a second chance at winning the pattern you like.


Hop around, visit some of the other bloggers and COMMENT on them.  You can’t win anything if you don’t COMMENT.  You can add your email address in your comment like this:  marsha(dot)hodgkins(at)yahoo(dot)com  so you can be sure to get a message from the Blogger and no robot machines will be able to take your email address and send you junk!  If you are sure you’re email address will show to us, you don’t need to do that but some people will be “no reply” so they won’t ever learn they won.  Check back to this blog each day and I’ll show you a few other patterns I have that will be included. You can let me know in Comments each day if you see one that really wins your heart.

Also, I’m ready to do my borderless snack mat tutorial.   Stop in tomorrow to see how it works.  It’s SEW easy!


Thanks for stopping in today and don’t forget Bowl With Borders Blog Hop hasn’t finished up yet.  Here’s today’s participating blogs for the Bowls Hop.

August 26th


Quilts and Pieces
Spoilt Dog Quilts

Traveling Quilter
Gabi Koeln
Sew Sew Little Time

Whew!  I hope I covered everything I was supposed to!   Happy Hopping!!

Marsha, QuilterinMotion





New Blog Hop, New Project, New Day

Today I have three things to tell you about.  They are all things you are going to want to be here for so keep reading.  Please remember any time you want to read more you should click on the BLUE underlined words.  The black underlined words do not take you anywhere.

Details on a new Blog Hop WITH Giveaways

The List of Bowls with Borders bloggers for Today

Sneak Peek of what’s ahead here


Details about a new Blog Hop Party WITH GIVEAWAYS!

Beginning today, there’s a Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways starting over at Quilting Gallery.  Check out the entire listing here tomorrow.  It will run Aug.l 26-Sept 3 and it’s called the Back-to-School Blog Hop Party with Give-aways. It’s being organized by Mishka over at Quilting Gallery.

Blog Hop Party

Mishka has hosted several very successful blog hops in the past, one of which I particpated in as a very new blogger.  I’m happy to participate with Mishka again.  I hope you will come by tomorrow to see what I’m giving away.  I’ll tell you a little bit about it – it’s a whole collection of patterns that I want to share with someone .  Come see what I’m offering and find out how to enter to win.

Bowls with Borders Blog Hop Almost Over

Besides the Quilting Gallery’s new Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways, the Bowls with Borders Blog Hop is winding down. There is still time to check out all the bowls and also to see the last few offerings that are still a surprise to all of us.  Madame Samm, Carol and all the participants have done a fantastic job.  Don’t forget you can look at all of the bowls here.

Bowls With Borders Schedule

August 25th

Rosemary B.
Susan H.
Christel G.

Peggy S.
Suzanne K.
Books, Hooks, Sticks, etc.
Marla’s Crafts
Kathy’s Quilts
Sunshine Quilting
The Learning Curve Quilts and Such
Glitzy Me

Sneak Peek

Need another reason to come by tomorrow?  I’m going to be showing how to finish a small quilt without borders or binding.  It’s fun, easy and the brain-child of Ricky Timms.  I’ve got my little quilt all ready to finish.  It looks like this right now.


Want to know more?  Come by tomorrow, Sunday, for all the details, the tutorials AND a look at what I’m giving away this week.

Happy Stitching!


Fabulous Friday Finds

Let’s just get started so you can get sewing!  Remember,  if you want to look at the tutorial, you must click on the blue underlined words to be taken right to it.

Here are my finds for this week.  I hope you find something you’ve been looking for or something you didn’t even know you wanted!

1.  Latte To Go Mug Rug and Gift Card tutorial by Sew-ichigo found here.


2. Tooth fairy pillow tutorial, so darling, found here.  I know some of you have little grandchildren who need a tooth pillow. There’s even a little boy version.


3.  Wheelies Quilt from Becky at Patchwork Posse.

4.  Have you seen/heard about the UnPaper Towels and the Reusable Snack Bags?  They are ways to use less paper products and I guess they’ve been around for a while and I’m just late to the party….again!   I thought I’d share these two tutorials with you this week and I’ll combine them into #4 so you’ll get an extra tute.


UnPaper Towels tutorial


Reusable Snack Bags tutorial


5.  How about something totally unrelated to sewing and quilting?   I like to do a little jewelry making, not that I really have much patience for it but if it looks easy enough I will give it a try.  This ring is something I think I could do.  How about you?



That takes care of my Five Finds for today.  I hope you find one you think you might try.  Leave me a comment and tell me which one you might try OR leave me a comment telling me something you are looking for and I’ll see if I can FIND the tutorial for next time.

Before I leave, I must be a Cheerleader for the Bowls for Border Blog Hop.  There are a few more days of the Blog Hop.  There are two ways to see the bowls.  You can go here to see them on Pinterest (an easy way to see all at one place and see the two that were chosen each day as the Top Two) or you can go here to get the list of all and visit each blog separately.

Here are the “Bowlers” for today.

Gudrun Z. (no show)
Linda B.
Heidrun P.
Linda M.
Margret’s Heritage
Lucky Duck Dreams
jatajomi´s stoff-nadel-fadenwelt
Have fun and enjoy the bowls.  Tomorrow I’ll give you the next group and also I’ll give you information about the Back to School Blog Hop and Giveaway.  Lots of giveaways for an entire week!  Stay tuned.

Cool Crafty Mom