Friday Finds AND a Recipe

I lost a day this week.  Did that ever happen to you?  I’ve got a “cold in my head” and just been going through each day only to find out it’s Thursday already.  It’s been a unique week here so that didn’t help me keep days straight.

We worked Tuesday which we usually don’t but 7 more cords of wood were delivered and needed to be stacked.  All hands on deck!  You’ve heard that saying, “Many hands make light work”.  Let me tell you wood is still heavy no matter how many hands are moving it but at least we had fewer pieces per person to move.  We had two Park workers from another State Park arrive to help, Ranger Eric and Assistant Ranger Nicole plus Jim, DH and me.   Seven people moved that wood a LOT faster!

Wednesday we traveled to state-wide end-0f-the-year event for the day.  It was nice and though we weren’t singled out for “Park of the Year”, we still feel like our park visitors enjoyed their time with us and in our heads we are Park of the Year.

Today is Thursday which means we are getting ready for the weekend, right?   Friday on this blog means “Friday Finds” which I will get right into, then I want to share a new family favorite recipe that is SO simple and SO delicious you might find yourself running right out to the grocery store!

My first “find” this week is these adorable crochet booties.  I know we’re a quilter’s blog but really we’re a people blog and people like to do various crafting things.  I’m busy this week knitting a sweater for the dear Grandson and I bet some of you are doing something similar.  I know a few of you have new additions to your family, or are waiting for them eagerly.  Maybe you’d like to be busy crocheting or knitting too.

1.  Crochet Mary Jane Booties


2.  Quilting Charts & Formulas

This site gives you charts for such wonderful things as the number of squares you can get from a fat quarter, how to figure how much fabric you need to make the backing for a quilt, or how to figure out the number of scallops needed for a quilt top.  It’s amazing and available free to download to your computer so you always have it with you!

3.  Amy Butler, who designs the most delicious fabric and delightful patterns, is giving away her “Love and Peace” Pattern.  She has other patterns too that she gives us for free. Be sure to check her site out.

4.  I know you like small projects to fill in those time you just don’t want to work on something big.  I get it.  I have those days too–lots of them!

Check out this lovely Framed Friendship Star block.  It’s beautiful and would make a lovely mini-quilt all by itself or could be done many times  quiltt.

to make an awesome quilt. has the most incredible tutorials on making various blocks.  Their instructional drawings and photos make it a snap.

5.  Sun Printing – The Basics by The Quilted Rat blog.  You have to go here even if you think you never want to dye or print fabric.  Her work is incredible!!!  Sun-printing looks quite easy and when you add thread painting, as The Quilt Rat does, it’s amazing.

I can’t show you a photo of one of her images because she specifically asks that people don’t but trust me when I tell you to go over there and browse for a bit.  She is one talented Canadian, and I’d love to get my hands on the Autumn issue of Canadian Quilter magazine for her Pumpkin pattern.  It is the most artistic rendition of a pumpkin, all in thread-painting, I’ve ever seen.  She does so many things so well!

That’s it for my Friday Finds.  Now to the fantastic recipe I promised.

Last weekend, Labor Day Weekend, we were given some fresh veggies, including some fresh basil.  I immediately thought about a lovely shrimp appetizer my brother had made for us back in the Spring.

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

You will need large shrimp, fresh or frozen; fresh basil leaves, bacon and skewers.

Soak the skewers in water before using them.  This keeps the skewers from burning while the shrimp and bacon cook.

Defrost your shrimp if you bought a package of frozen as I did.  I bought a package that  said 16-20 pieces.  There were actually 19 pieces in the package which for 5 people was just perfect.  The shrimp I bought had the heads of but I had to twist off the tails, then peel off the think shell.  This is done quite easily.

Once washed and ready, skewer one shrimp on the wooden skewer, lengthwise.

Wrap one basil leaf around the shrimp.

Wrap a half-slice of bacon around the entire shrimp/basil “package”.

Then place on a heated grill, on the lower temperature area.

Cook approximately 4 minutes on each side, turning frequently after that.  You want the bacon to be cooked brown and slightly crisply, about 2 more minutes or until bacon looks cooked.

Don’t overcook as the shrimp will be cooked before the shrimp.

Incredibly Good Eats!!!


That’s it for a few days, friends.  We are off to Maine for various necessary tasks, like dr. visits, new licenses before we head South, absentee ballot, etc. and I’ll won’t be blogging for that time.  Hopefully I’ll be seeing you all on Wednesday!

Keep yourselves busy!  Marsha



About Quilter in Motion

I'm a full-time RVer, quilter, artist, and avid reader. I do all my quilting in a 34' RV called a fifth wheel, so named because it is towed behind a truck and the hitch sits in the bed of the truck thus the "fifth wheel". I get asked a lot how I can quilt in such a small space and I thought I'd write about how I do it, including some hints and tips that might help all quilters.

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  1. I love the Mary Jane Booties! If our daughter has a girl I think I will try to crochet those. I am going to check out the quilting charts and formulas as I always have a hard time figuring out how much fabric I need. Thanks for sharing this web site! I really like the Framed Friendship Star Block pattern. Thanks for sharing all of your good finds!

    • Quilter in Motion

      Judy, I was thinking of you when I saw those Mary Janes. I also agree with you on the Charts–fabulous information to have at our finger tips.

  2. Great finds! Thanks for all the good tips. I’ve got shrimp, basil & bacon on hand, so that looks like a happy hour treat for the neighbors this weekend.

  3. Great blog as always Trasis. Loved the shrimp recipe.. staying home today and catching up on household projects– nothing exciting washing down lanai furniture, laundry etc. feel so beat when i get back from Hospice– I basically read the paper and a few emails– call it a day. Would like to make an effort to check out the Sun Printing blog- you make it sound so fantastic. What wonder PR for your Canadian friend.. off now — just stopping by with totally non quilting comment. Enjoy Maine even if it’s only for an errand trip.. 😉

  4. Thank you for the info, the chart is a great find, and the Amy Buttler free patterns was great, and I can not wait to try the shrimp, since I just got a bag of large this weekend.

    • Quilter in Motion

      Felicia, Welcome to QuilterinMotion! I hope you’ll come back soon, or better yet “Follow” to be sure you don’t miss out on any more good things!

      Hope you enjoy the shrimp!


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