A Visit to Dorr Mill Store

Not many miles from where we are located this summer is the Dorr Mill Store.  It’s an amazing collection of USA produced woolens, patterns for rug-hooking, needle-felting, punch needle embroidery, kits and ready-to-wear woolen clothing.  It is a amazing shop in Guild, New Hampshire and a wonderful place to visit.

Take a stroll with me through the aisles and just look at the variety of wonderful items they have for sale.

Just look at those colors!!!

So many aisles of bolts of wool.

Gorgeous samples

Projects, small and large

Some of my favorites – Matroyshka dolls.  I bought the wool to make one, knowing I had seen a pattern online and it was here.  It’s not exactly like the above one but close enough.

I bought some packs of smaller pieces of wool in a variety of colors like these.  These are all “washed wool” which means it has shrunk all it will, and won’t ravel according to the lady.  I had asked if she had wool felt and she looked horrified, then asked if I was going to use it for things like the dolls and the penny rugs and directed me to the washed wool.

What do I know?  I work in cotton mainly!

I chose these colors below

and these colors.

Those two bundles each hold eight pieces approximately 7″ x 8″.

I also bought a small package of some hand-dyed wool – expensive!!!  My friend, Brigitte, once told me that yellow wool is hard to find so I grabbed this packet with the yellow in it.

That package holds five colors, pink, yellow, green, blue and a lighter blue each about 11″ x 10″.

This next package was from a barrel of remnants.  $3.00 for all you could fit in the bag.  Needless to say, there were limited colors in the barrel, but I did try to get colors I thought might be useful.  I’m expecting to share these with my quilting friend, and Row Robin buddy, Brigitte as she does a LOT of wool applique.  She was kind enough to provide with all the pieces I need to do a Christmas wall-hanging of birds, berries and brances which I will be starting in the next few weeks.  I hope you’ll find something in my remnant bag that you can use, Brigitte!



I probably spent more money than I should have on the wool but I really do love the penny rugs and small wool projects I see here and there.  Look at this darling chickadee design.




So now I can add some wool projects to my list of things I want to make.  At least I have some materials to use when I get ready to do it and being this close to Dorr Mill Store made it seem like the right time to get it.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Dorr Mill Store.  They do have the website I indicated at the beginning and they do mail-order.

Happy Stitching!



About Quilter in Motion

I'm a full-time RVer, quilter, artist, and avid reader. I do all my quilting in a 34' RV called a fifth wheel, so named because it is towed behind a truck and the hitch sits in the bed of the truck thus the "fifth wheel". I get asked a lot how I can quilt in such a small space and I thought I'd write about how I do it, including some hints and tips that might help all quilters.

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  1. Now who is a “nasty wench”? You know that I am green with envy. I will get even with you.
    You will have to endure the biggest hugh when I see you next. That will teach you.
    Besides all of that, I can’t wait to share all my patterns with you and of course, between the two of us, we should have more wool than we can sew up in a life time. You know of course that wool applique is adicting, a desease I am glad to spread. I am anxious to get to the plantation. Will see you right after Thanksgiving. Brigitte

    • Quilter in Motion

      Looking forward to seeing you Wench. I don’t know where I”m going to put wool in addition to my cottons! Right now the bag is on a chair in the living room!!!!!! HELP!!! YOU created a monster! Can’t wait to see you in November.


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