Tidal Tote Bag

I was busy last week working on several projects but one that was prominent was the Tidal Tote Bag.  I had decided last month to make this tote for my daughter-in-law’s birthday.  Her birthday was in August but she and our son were out in California at a family reunion with her family.  They enjoyed their time in the Napa Valley –who wouldn’t?  Anyway, we didn’t see them until this past weekend while we were in Maine and I got to give her her gift.

I knew the Tidal Tote would be a hit with her because I’ve noticed she likes bags…she has all sizes.  I knew she like the ocean as much as I do…which  makes her the perfect daughter-in-law (along with how happy she has made our son).  I found the pattern when I went to visit Cotton Cupboard Quilt Shop in Bangor.  I bought one for a giveaway as well, and Sara from weddingdressblue was the winner and happy to receive her pattern and the Maine fabrics.

I couldn’t wait to use the gorgeous fabric I had purchased at Marden’s in Bangor.  It is lovely blues with sea horses anemones, fish and sea grasses.  It is a batik.

I had no trouble following the pattern by Poorhouse Quilt Designs.  I also enjoyed quilting the fabrics with my “Amenomes On the Loose”  free motion quilting design, made up as I went along.  This is the FMQ as it shows up on the batting.

The pattern comes with three choices of applique:  lobster, crab and sand dollar.  I decided to use the sand dollar and did an echo quilting on the front around the sand dollar.

Here’s the front side of the bag with the sand dollar.

Two fabrics are cut into squares and stitched together to make the font and then the sand dollar is appliqued on.  The the front is quilted.  The back is pieced the same way but no applique, and then is quilted.

There are two side pockets that are perfect for cell phones, etc.


There are two inner pockets the width of the fabric front with velcro closing.  I decided to use a lighthouse fabric remnant my cousin had given me.  This is Portland Headlight, a very familiar place to my family as we lived in Portland and the surrounds.

The handles and the bottom of the bag are made using Peltex for stiffener.  I love the way the handles feel “solid”, not flimsy, and will use this for more bag handles I’m sure.

A look inside the finished bag.


Really a nice tote, I would recommend this pattern for a smallish tote.  Here’s the web address for Poorhouse Quilt Design.  In fact, if you here, there’s even a free pattern available.

That’s it for today except I’m wondering if any of you are following the Dots to Dots Blog Hop?   I’m not participating as I have enough other projects right now and I’m getting ready (soon) for the “Leafs” Me Happy Blog Hop coming up October 1st.  Be sure to go over the check out what’s being done with fabric with dots.  There’s some lovely things out there.  You can find the listings here.

Until next time, happy stitching.






About Quilter in Motion

I'm a full-time RVer, quilter, artist, and avid reader. I do all my quilting in a 34' RV called a fifth wheel, so named because it is towed behind a truck and the hitch sits in the bed of the truck thus the "fifth wheel". I get asked a lot how I can quilt in such a small space and I thought I'd write about how I do it, including some hints and tips that might help all quilters.

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  1. The tote is beautiful and a great gift!

  2. Marsha, Thanks for sharing the Poorhouse Quilt Design website! It it a great site with a couple of wonderful free patterns!

  3. My husband nick-named me “the Bag Lady” some years ago and you know why. I just love your bag and the free motion quilting you chose to do. What a neat combination. Your daughter-in-law is a lucky lady.

    I did get over to check out Poorhouse Quilt Designs. Thanks for the tip. There are some really nice patterns there and I did down load the free pattern. I have lots of scraps that would make up well in the lotus leaves. Hugs, Linda

    • Quilter in Motion

      Glad you checked them out at Poorhouse Designs. I’m waiting for my husband to say something about the number of bags I’ve accumulated since discovering RP.

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the Bangor quilt shop. We hope to get that direction next spring and am making notes on possible itinerary! One can never have too many totes…..can one????? The fabrics are so perfect together and the sand dollar…such a nice touch!

  5. The quilting on this bag is so fun and clever!

    • Quilter in Motion

      Thanks, I just made it up as I went along, Doris. I was inspired by the Free Motion Quilting workshop which I haven’t startedf yet but do want to do.

  6. hello there Trasis, you must be the bestest mother in law around. Know Bri will love this as it’s gorgeous and so perfect for yours and her shared interests. kudo’s my friend for a perfect gift. that has to feel wonderful to make and do something for someone who’s so special and whom you love so much. hugs Sosis

  7. Love your starfish bag!!! Totally cool and I like the way you quilted it too!


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