Hi readers.

I’ve moved!  My blog can now be found here .  The “facelift” I mentioned a week or so again became a move instead due to some technical glitches.  I hope you make your way over to the new blog.  Unfortunately, you will have to type your name in on the right hand column in order to receive notification of new posts from the new blog.  I hope you will do that.  I don’t want to lose any of you!!!


See you over at Quilter in Motion now located at




About Quilter in Motion

I'm a full-time RVer, quilter, artist, and avid reader. I do all my quilting in a 34' RV called a fifth wheel, so named because it is towed behind a truck and the hitch sits in the bed of the truck thus the "fifth wheel". I get asked a lot how I can quilt in such a small space and I thought I'd write about how I do it, including some hints and tips that might help all quilters.

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