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Random Act of Kindness

I love making people happy!  I have to tell you a story about myself; kind of like “telling” on myself.  Several months ago I was involved in 2-3 swaps that all involved Cupcakes, and sewing blocks for the Red,White and Blue Blog Hop.  I had several cupcake ATC swaps going and a Cupcake Block swap all coming due around the same dates.  I completed all swaps on time-thanks to one lovely lady.

KBK, or Kimberly as I’ve come to know her, sent me a sweet message telling me she had received a cupcake ATC that she thought was very clever.

Well, I liked that praise — and then she went on to say she had then received a Red, White and Blue  Cupcake Block several days later.  Well, obviously I got a little concerned and went to check my spreadsheet.  Thank Goodness I had sense enough to keep a spreadsheet!!!!   Sure enough, I had sent the Red, White and Blue Cupcake Block to the wrong person!

Kimberly went on to say she’d really love to keep the block as she loved it but didn’t want me to “flake” on my Swap without realizing what had happened so she would send it back to me.   I replied that she deserved to keep it for saving me from disappointing someone else as I had time to make another one before the swap deadline.   I then asked her if she’d like to send it back to me so I could finishe it off for her as a small wallhanging since she’s not a quilter or sewist.

She was thrilled and sent it back to me.  Last week I put a border on the block and quilted it, then finished it off to send her.   Today I got a message from her saying she had received it and was so happy to own it.   I did admit to her I had thoughts , only for a second, of keeping it myself!  -;)

That’s Kimberly’s Cupcake Wallhanging.  I put a hanger on the back as I didn’t know exactly how she planned to use it.  I’m so happy that Kimberly’s happy!  It really was just a Random Act of Kindness; asking nothing in return, expecting nothing in return, just wanting to make someone’s day.  It’s a good feeling and I encourage everyone to try RAKs–they make the world go round.


I’m glad to be back and have all those errands done.  We did get a tiny bit of family time in and enjoyed seeing my brother’s new house.  It’s a beauty.  It’s waiting time to hear if all the tests, etc. went well but I’m expecting normal results.  I even snuck in a little Christmas shopping while waiting between errands.  It never hurts to get a headstart on that!

Tomorrow I think it will be time to share my trip to Dorr Woolen Store with you.  Come on by and see what I got!

Hugs, Marsha